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Make sales a breeze with products your customers recognize and love. Nothing is easier than selling a product that customers have already purchased and enjoy. Topsail Hemp is a well recognized brand and will be an easy sell at any smoke shop in the area. From Lebanon to Florence our brand is well known. This is because Topsail Hemp has made it our objective to becoming Cincinatti’s #1 recognizable CBD health and wellness brand.

From exhibits and trade shows to community fundraising events and more Topsail Hemp has strived to meet the people and follow up with them as much as possible. Our customer base spans across the Cincinnatti tri state area and we pride ourselves on working to know each individual we encounter. Since 2019 our customer base has exploded and grows each day. Our secret is building first name basis relationships with our customers as well as providing industry leading products.

Since our beginning each online order gets a personalized hand written card following up on the customer experience. This has been a great success and lead to thousands of repeat customers over the years. Our product in your store will not only sell but grow your repeat customer base as well. As of right now we are in over 25 shops across the Midwest and growing. See why our products outsell the competition by contacting us today.