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What exactly is CBD?
Cannabidiol or CBD for short is a compound found within the hemp plant that is known for its potential relaxing effects on the body. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system within our brains. The endocannabinoid system is full of receptors that help regulate pain, anxiety etc. CBD indirectly stimulates our endocannabinoid system allowing it to function as its supposed to. 

How do I take TopSail Hemp’s CBD oil?
Our CBD oil is a tincture and is meant to be taken under the tongue. We recommend taking half a dosage in the morning and half a dosage before going to sleep. One full dropper is one daily dose. Put the CBD drops under your tongue and hold it there for 30 seconds. 

How much CBD oil should I take?
It all depends! We recommend our customers take a full dropper a day, half in the morning half at night. One full dropper is 16mg of CBD. Feel free to up your dosage as needed. We do not recommend exceeding 200mg of CBD per day. 

Will CBD oil make you high?
No, CBD does not make users feel high. 

Does your CBD come from marijuana? 
No, our CBD isolate is derived solely from the hemp plant. 

What are the side effects of CBD?
If CBD is taken in too large of an amount it can cause drowsiness. 

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