CBD for Dogs

Here at Topsail Hemp we have a soft spot for our dogs. Listen to Gage’s story about how CBD helped Marley his 11 year old Golden Retriever. CBD is good for pets and can be used to treat pain and anxiety as well.


Marley, Golden Retriever

He's a good boy, this is his CBD Story

I got Marley in 2009 when I was just 12 years old. He was my first ever inside dog and our bond started on the day my mom rescued him as a puppy from an abusive family that didn't want him. As our adventure started, I knew I had a buddy for life. 

Fast forward to 2016. I was a freshman in college and only got to visit home rarely. When I did visit I was always excited to get home to see my Marley. Even at college I would FaceTime my family just for them to put Marley on the phone so I could see him and talk to him. Although my visits back home were great, I couldn't help but notice every trip back Marley was visibly getting older and older. 

By 2018 I was a junior in college and Marley’s face had changed from light golden to white. While I was in college Marley developed severe hip dysplasia that seemed to worsen every month. When I would come home to visit instead of him greeting me at the door with a toy like he always did he would stay lying on his bed looking up at me. Marley’s low morale was undoubtedly caused by the pain he had to endure while getting up and walking around. Simple things such as getting up the steps and going to the bathroom outside were hard for Marley. I feared that if things got worse Marley wouldn't be with us much longer. During this same time I was just starting my use of CBD. I decided to try it on Marley. 

I started off putting half a dropper of CBD on Marley’s favorite treats every morning before I went to work. I started to notice a difference in Marley that exact day. He was getting up easier and I noticed a major increase in his morale for life. His terrible limp went away and his walking became fluid. Sometimes he even runs! Nowadays Marley is doing much better and anytime I notice him limping I just give him a CBD snack and it goes straight to work alleviating his pain. I truly believe CBD has given me more time with my dog and I couldn't be more happy with his results.