About Us

I came up with the idea of TopSail Hemp while I was a junior at Indiana University. While in college I developed severe anxiety and it started to really affect my daily life. I would wake up with extreme anxiety in the morning for the day to come and my social anxiety made me want to stay isolated in my house. Instead of drinking to relieve my anxiety I decided to try something that I had heard about from some of my friends- CBD oil.

After paying what seemed a fortune for a bottle of 250mg CBD oil, I instantly popped open the bottle to see how it would help. After taking the tincture under my tongue I didn’t feel any different and was scared I had just spent $65 for nothing. Boy was I wrong! After about 30 minutes my mood lifted, the crippling anxiety I usually felt within my chest started to fade away. After an hour I felt 100% better! Not only was I relaxed, but my mood was better and my anxiety had disappeared. This was the answer I had been looking for. I realized that I was not the only one who suffered from anxiety and decided I wanted to spread the news. After researching CBD even further I learned it had even more remedies than what I had originally thought! I learned its ability to help with pain, insomnia, and even seizures. After learning all this I decided I wanted to be a part of this industry so that I can help others experience the relief I had.
That’s why I started TopSail Hemp. Not only do I want to help others around me to ease their distress I also want to provide a top of the line product that I know actually works. That’s why we partner with an industry leading CBD testing lab that complies with the GMP (good manufacturing product) standard. This is the highest standard with regards to CBD in the United States, and we are proud to have a product that passes their regulations. Our hemp is grown in Colorado and each batch is individually tested for its purity. If the product does not pass inspection, we will not ship it for sale. With an industry that is growing so fast we want to make sure our product is as trustworthy and transparent as possible. Try our CBD and experience “A breath of fresh air”
-Gage Pace
TopSail Hemp CEO