Do 4th of July Fireworks freak out your dog? Here's how CBD can help them with their anxiety.

Fourth of July, America’s most beloved summer holiday is often a night of great terror for dogs. The loud blasts of fireworks can cause uneasiness and severe anxiety among dogs, waking them up in the middle of the night with no clue what is going on. 

Naturally, dogs fear loud noises, as it is an instinct and heightened awareness for their surroundings. 

This night for them is unavoidable and pet owners hope they can get through it alright. This year there is a new solution to help them cope with the Fourth of July fireworks. CBD Oil for Pets is the new pet product that everyone is raving about. 

TopSail Hemp's CBD Oil For Pets

Naturally extracted from Hemp plants, CBD Oil can tremendously improve a dog’s ability to relax and remain calm in their environment. CBD oil also targets serotonin receptors which produces a calming effect on nerves and eliminates feelings of anxiety. Additionally according to a study from “Today's Veterinarian Nurse” CBD Oil also showed “a significant decrease in pain” which is extremely beneficial for dogs with joint or hip pain. CBD Oil is able to benefit Dogs and Pets of all ages.

Young puppies and kittens may have difficulty when traveling in cages or anxiety around large groups of people or other pets. CBD Oil can make those car rides more relaxing and help quiet down the barking if that happens to be an issue. 

For older dogs, the main focus is quality of life. CBD Oil helps ease the physical pain they are in and has been proven to increase activity as well. 

For Gage Pace, in 2019 his family began to administer CBD Oil to his dog Marley a golden retriever who was an old dog dealing with bad hip dysplasia. It was difficult for him to get up from his bed to walk outside and use the bathroom. They began to administer CBD Oil to him regularly and noticed a tremendous improvement. He was a 12-year-old dog that was moving around like a 7-year-old dog. The sad truth is that our beloved pets don’t live forever, and Marley after about a full year of giving him CBD oil regularly, had to be put down at the end of 2020. In that final year, CBD Oil made all the difference and I was amazed and overjoyed to see him able to walk again. 

One of the leading companies in the CBD industry, TopSail Hemp, based in Indiana has recently launched their new brand “TopSail Pets” to directly fill the CBD for Pets market need. On their website, they have provided information on medical research studies and countless positive reviews from dog owners. 

TopSail Hemp's CBD Oil for Pets has no THC to ensure pet safety and is verified by third-party lab tests and positive customer reviews as well. They are currently offering CBD Oil for Pets at a discounted price of $32.99 for the Fourth of July weekend. Your Pets will thank you later!