CBD & Terpenes

Did you know the terpenes in cannabis can play a role on how that specific strain effects you?

THC is not the only compound in cannabis that effects the user. Terpenes are the fragrant oils found within cannabis flower that give it its fragrance. They are what give bananas their sweet aroma and pine it’s crisp smell. As some may know one strain of flower can smell very different from another. As research on terpenes continues we are learning more and more about how they work with the other compounds in cannabis when consumed. Like cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, terpenes also bind to receptors in the brain, causing various effects. For example the terpene limonene, which creates the citrusy lemon smell, is known to cause an elevated mood and stress relief. Another common terpene , mycrene, smells like cloves and is known to cause a sedating and relaxing feeling.

Terpenes are found in hemp flower as well and can be a great indicator for buyers when choosing what strain they want. If a buyer knows the terpenes that affect them the best then all it takes is a whiff to know which strain will best suite their preference. To learn more about hemp and CBD or to check out our products head over to topsailhemp.com.